Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ooops... a netbook

Tonight was the big night: I had a meeting with Marleen who will go to Tokyo to judge for the Belgian team. She will also meet with the WAG commitee to give a demonstration of the software. So I finished the setup applications and was ready to install it on her pc.

And there it was ... a mini, mini pc.

I thought: that screen will probably not be big enough for the GS Judge application. And right I was. So I did some modifications to the startup size of the applications, but it was clear that I needed additional functionality to deal with PC's with small screens. And fast. So this is what is on my feature list for the next days to come:

  • Screen parts can be resized as wished
  • Windows size, position and state will be stored when the application is closed and restored the next time it is started
  • The exercise canvas will be scalable so that large exercises can be scaled to fit the window
  • Scroll bars will be added to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling

  • By the end of the week I will put it all online. Come check it out.

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