Friday, May 4, 2012

European Championships

I will be attending the European Championships in Brussels. Not as spectator but as representative for Gymnastics Software. I will have a table near the accreditation desk. I will not be on site from morning till evening, but I will announce here on this blog when I plan to be there.

What will I be doing?
  • Collect as many as possible exercises from coaches and judges.
  • I will save these exercises with GS Judge and check with the coach/judge whether the difficulty value is correct.
  • Later on, I will create a nice report with the exercises. That is for each team I received exercises from.
  • As soon as I have finished GS Analytics (new), I will be able to generate nice statistics about the competition, more or less like the report FIG generates after each WC or OC.
  • If you want me to assist you with installing GS sofware on your PC, ask me, I will be glad to help you out.
  • If I have a spare moment, I will be programming for Gymnastics Software.

  • For teams that hand over their exercises: we will not publish them, nor distribute them before the end of the competition. When you hand over your exercises, I will ask your permission to share them with the gymnastics community after the Europeans have finished. If you don't allow it, we won't do it.

    Today, Saturday May 5, I hope to arrive in the afternoon. I will stay until late tonight.


    1. I am hidden away in the organizing comitee offices. If you need me, ask for Tom Van Hauwaert or Marleen Van Dooren (responsible for the judges). On Sunday, I will be here until noon. In the afternoon my children have a performance at school which I don't want to miss.

    2. I will be at the EC premises Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening en Friday evening. That's the good news. The bad news is that my pc doesn't work anymore, just like last WC. This means I will be able to provide assistance, but I cannot make changes to the software on site.

    3. Tomorrow - Sunday - is the last day of the European Championship for WAG in Brussels. I will be there watching the all-around finals of the seniors. I will bring a new version of the software with me. This version contains all fixes for the problems reported during this week (not that there were many), and with some improvements based on remarks from the judges here in Brussels.

      By the way, yesterday I was assigned the job of installing GS Judge on a PC in Hebrew. After many retries due to guessing what buttons mean 'Yes', 'No', 'Continue', etc... I succeeded in installing it, and it worked as expected.